Anime NYC 2021 Pre-Show Autograph Lottery - Shinji Aramaki

Anime NYC is proud to welcome Shinji Aramaki to New York City and hold a special autograph signing on Saturday, Nov 20 at 5 PM. Shinji Aramaki’s autograph tickets will be given away via a free pre-show lottery, and please see below for details.

Signing Time: Saturday, November 20, 5 PM, Autographing area in main Expo Floor Hall

The autograph ticket lottery starts at 12 Noon Eastern on Nov 3 and ends on 12 Noon Eastern on Nov 9. You do not need an Anime NYC badge to take part in the lottery, but you must have an Anime NYC badge to claim your autograph ticket and take part in the signing.

Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be deleted. If under 18, you must have a parent or guardian’s permission to enter. If you win, you must show Photo ID. If your name does not match your ID, you will be unable to claim your autograph ticket. Anime NYC 2021 autograph tickets are wristbands that will be placed on your arm by staff. Do not tamper or try to remove your wristband until your signing. Autograph tickets are non transferable. No exceptions.

Anime NYC’s pre-show autograph lotteries are intended to put autograph tickets into the hands of fans. If you are not serious about meeting Shinji Aramaki, do not enter this lottery. Should you win and not claim your autograph ticket, you will be prohibited from winning future Anime NYC autograph ticket giveaways.

All entrants will be contacted with the results of the lottery by November 12.

Signing Rules: Official items only from anime Shinji Aramaki has worked on. One item. No pictures or recordings.

See here for our full Pre-Show Autograph Lottery FAQ -

This lottery has ended.

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