Exhibit Spaces


Vendor Booths are for companies or persons who sells a specific or variety of pop-culture products or services.(Ex. clothing, art work, posters, novelty items, action figures, costumes, video games, etc). Includes 4 badges per space.


6 x 4

Craft Vendor Tables are for selling original items that are created by you. These items cannot be ordered anywhere else but through you (ex: sculptures, handcrafted jewelry, sewn or crocheted items, etc). Items must be approved in order to get crafter price. Includes 2 badges per space.*


6 x 4

Artist Alley Tables are for artists who sell 2-D artwork. This includes sketches, prints, graphics, illustrations, original comic books and original books, etc. Back Drape is not included in Artist Alley Tables. Includes 2 badges per space.*


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Florida Pop Con Rules and Regulations

Florida Pop Con staff welcomes all vendors who wish to participate in the Dealer’s Exhibit Hall at Florida Pop Con ‘18! The convention is held at the Orlando Live Events Fern Park FL on February 02-04, 2018. We ask that all vendors please be respectful of decisions that the staff may have to make concerning the Dealers’ Room the day of the convention. We are constantly working to make the con experience great for everyone, and may have to make changes in the initial plans. There will be dedicated staffers available exclusively to the Dealers’ Room to try to prevent theft. They will be identified to the vendors at the convention, so if there should be any questions/problems, please contact these staffers. We will try our best to prevent problems from occurring, but we cannot plan for every contingency. Should a problem arise with another vendor, please speak to a staffer.

Venue Policies

We ask that you only use masking tape or pins in exhibit booth decorations. Please do not use staples, nails, tacks or other forms of tape. Do not place stickers or paints, or deface venue materials in any permanent fashion. Signs, banners and flyers may not be posted outside of your exhibit booth or table space. There will be a table available to place extra flyers should you require it. We do not allow the open sales of any type of adult-deemed material (not limited to DVDs, VHSs, pornographic images/artwork). No adult material may be viewed, sold or distributed to minors, and we require that vendors not bring adult-themed material at all. Florida Pop Con reserves the right to judge the acceptability of all displays. The presence and sale of weapons is prohibited. In addition, questionable material (such as paraphernalia and images from groups such as KKK and Nazi or Nazi-like merchandise) are prohibited.

Please be aware if you bring pre-packaged food items you do so at your own risk, we will defer to any requests from the venue should they arise. Fresh-made or non-packaged foodstuffs are not permitted at any time.

Pricing and Availability

Vendors’ spaces in the Exhibit Hall are sold for $300 per standard booth, (8’ by 10’ space, pipe and draping). This price is not negotiable for vendors. Vendors are asked not to encroach upon their neighbor’s space unless they are given permission. Vendors that do not arrive before Opening of the room Friday or do not give prior notice will forfeit their space. No-show spaces will be sold to available wait list patrons or other Exhibit Hall participants at the convention at a reduced cost (cash only). All Dealer payments must be made on or before Feb 1st, 2018, or the dealer will forfeit their space. After the initial spaces are filled, Florida Pop Con  will keep a waiting list of other interested vendors, to be filled either on Feb 1st or the day of the convention.

Room set-up/space

The Exhibit Hall will be set up in  Orlando Live Events Fern Park FL. Anyone found selling wares outside of the Exhibit Hall or Artists Alley will be asked to leave. The tables will be set up in a 8×10’ curtained area with two chairs for each table. The tables are 6 feet long (standard tables). We will try to accommodate all requests, but we only have limited supplies. Guaranteed power, extra tables and chairs, and other resources will be available through our provider Information about ordering these services will be provided to vendors at a later date.

Hours of Operation

The Exhibit Hall will have operating hours are TBA, but will begin at 12pm on Friday. Florida Pop Con takes no personal responsibility for items stolen, but will make reasonable accommodations to prevent theft, including providing hired security.


About Florida Pop Con

02/02/2018 - 02/04/2018

Florida Pop Con is a One of kind Convention. Our whole focus is to let families and friends of all ages come together. They are able to share each others Pop Culture experiences spanning across the decades. It's a truly exciting and fun filled 3 days. Who knows who you will meet or find at Florida Pop Con! Also Florida Pop Con likes to give back to the community through Florida Pop Con is a One of kind Convention. Our whole focus is to let families and friends of all ages come together. They are able to share each others Pop Culture experiences spanning across the decades. It's a truly exciting and fun filled 3 days. Who knows who you will meet or find at Florida Pop Con! Also Florida Pop Con likes to give back to the community through donating to Local and National charities.

Here are ​some things you can find at Florida Pop Con





Videos Games


Movie Car

and much more 

Videos Games

VIP Passes 

Pick up VIP access pass a day before the show or day of the show. With your VIP access pass you get a hour of early access to exhibit hall.

3 Day Passes

Pick up your pass a day before the show or the day of the show. With your pass you get 30 minutes of early access to the exhibit hall.


The only guest that recieve early access to the exhibit hall are those that have the VIP access pass or have 3 day Pass. Single day tickets get you access to regular exhibit hall event time. Single day tickets do not reviece early acess.

Children  Admission 

Children 10 years of age and under are FREE PER PAYING ADULT.


Free Parking at Florida Pop Con.

There are NO REFUNDS on admission tickets. TICKETS ARE NOT MAILED. Once you purchase a ticket online, you will be entered into our automated registration system.

Make sure you enter the correct email address. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket(s). If you do not see the email within 24 hours of your purchase, please check your SPAM folder, as they may have ended up there due to your SPAM filter being set high. This email will serve as proof of purchase. 

Bring this email with you to the convention and check in at the advance registration desk. Your name will be on the advance registration list. 

Children 10 years of age and under are FREE PER PAYING ADULT. You do not have to purchase a ticket for a child 10 years or younger, just let us know that your child is with you when you check in at the show. Your child MUST be with you at the show when you check in or buy your ticket so that they can get the admission bracelet.  Anyone over 10 years old must purchase a full admission ticket. Tickets cannot be refunded. All sales are final. These are event tickets. If you are unable to use the ticket, you may give the physical ticket to a friend to use. Please note that once a ticket is "checked in", it may not be used again. Do not share your ticket with ANYONE else unless you are giving the ticket to them.

* All guest announcements are subject to change. In the event of a guest cancellation, all autograph and photo op tickets purchased for that guest will be refunded. There are NO refunds on admission tickets. 

* No outside food, drinks (including alcoholic beverages) are permitted inside the convention center.

* No Pets are allowed except for registered service animals.

* No harassment of any type is acceptable. Do not harass other attendees or guests. "No", "Stop", and "Go Away" are not suggestions. Any act of harassment will lead to ejection from the convention and may lead to the involvement of law enforcement.

* All attendees, guests, and artists may be filmed while at the event for use in news coverage, and / or future promotional advertising. By entering the premises of the convention you are consenting to being filmed by the event and news media. 


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