Wen-Con 2019 Exhibit Spaces

Exhibitor Name Location
501st Legion 194,174
College of Cranehaven 200 View Website
Galactic Alliance 134
Garrison Titan
Exhibitor Name Location
Angela’s Treasure Concourse Booth
Artoo 1.5
Bumblebee Concourse
Diane Beck's Creations 144 View Website
DigiPen Institute of Technology 165 View Website
Escape Tactics Concourse View Website
Jason Sims Magic 147
Joy Knight-Richards 162
NCRL Concourse
Radar Dames 172
Sanctuary 141
Tales from the Spacepod 191
Tom Cook, Classic TV Animator 182
Two Rivers Medieval Faire 142 View Website
United States Army
Wenatchee Ghostbusters 211 View Website
Wenatchee Valley Tech skills Center 206 View Website
X-34 Luke Skywalker Landspeeder 155,154
Ye Olde Bookshoppe 145 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Anime world 186,187,188,189 View Website
Hey I want that 143
Exhibitor Name Location
Art by Danie 112 View Website
Cherrie Bartholomew Art 110
Christa D 128 View Website
Clayholio Comics 107 View Website
Damon Anthis Art 113
Eli Wolff 106 View Website
Fairy Bliss 169 View Website
Frakking Bombs 126 View Website
Grandma's Gone Geek 127
Homemade is Cuter 121
Hugz4kidz Guild 100 View Website
Idlewaifu 103 View Website
Katie Clark Art 125 View Website
Mildly Adequate 114
OneBluebird Art 108 View Website
Orchard Monkeys 109 View Website
Samantha Hildebrand 148 View Website
StudioLG 102 View Website
Tetsumiro 115 View Website
Waulking Quill Textiles 161
Westridge Wood Co. 105 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Bottlecrow Publications 184
Central City Comics 149,129 View Website
Icicle Ridge Graphics 104 View Website
Mountaineer West Productions 116 View Website
QEW PUBLISHING 210 View Website
Vermin Co. 190 View Website
Y Comics, LLC 166 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Bruce Smith: Battle of Grayskull Temple, Miniatures Game 201,202
Cave Collectible Gaming 170,171
Crucifiction Games Concourse
Krampus Kave LZlC 203 View Website
Sanctuary 140
Exhibitor Name Location
Clockwork Dragon 185 View Website
Devri Walls 167 View Website
Lorretta Smith 101 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Colwell Illustration 181 View Website
Giant Slayer 117
Greater Northwest National Cartoonists Society 208
Justin Hunt 205
Exhibitor Name Location
Crazy Crafters 123
Gears in the Garden 183 View Website
Herb Leonhard Art/The Prancing Pony Gifts 168 View Website
Odd Fox Armory 122 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Elite Gaming Gear Back of House View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Fine Designs - Official WEN-CON Apparel 214,213 View Website
Garage Door Thrift Store 163
The LuLaRedheads 124 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
Greater Wenatchee Toy Show 120
Nerdcore Toys & Collectibles 164
The Ones You Loved Comics & Toys 146 View Website
Exhibitor Name Location
IBEW 207
Local Tel 212
North Cascades Bank 209
Radarstation 192
Wenatchee World 204