Anime NYC 2022 Press Application

Please list the names, positions, and reasons for any additional badges. (Press Passes are ONLY for Editorial Staff at Media Outlets. Press Passes are not for Marketing Managers, Sales Executives, friends, or children, and should any of your passes go to Non-Editorial individuals, you risk all of your badges being revoked. If you wish to purchase badges for non-editorial guests, you may do so at

Do you understand Anime NYC's Press Pass rules? Your Press Pass allows access during all public hours. Your Press Pass does NOT allow early access or special access. Your Press Pass does NOT allow you to cut lines. Your Press Pass does NOT guarantee seats. Your Press Pass does NOT guarantee autographs or free autographs from guests. Everyone attending Anime NYC as Press MUST follow all Anime NYC policies – including our Anti-Harassment rules.

Do you understand your Press Pass isn't guaranteed? After Anime NYC receives your application, our Press Team will respond. It is only after your full form is received, reviewed, and approved that a Press Pass will be issued. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Thank you for submitting your application for a 2022 Anime NYC Press Pass. For more information on approval timelines, visit