East '24 PAX Together Intersection Storyteller Application

Thank you so much for your interest! Please complete this form if you're interested in being a Storyteller for a tabletop game hosted in the PAX Together Intersection (PTI) Games Library.

PAX Together is a program that celebrates a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences within the gaming community; centering those from marginalized and underrepresented groups. The PTI features members of those communities as either creators or characters.

In the PTI, we're committed to providing a safe space for people of underrepresented and stigmatized communities, and those questioning, to gather and play games or characters that they might be hesitant to play on the Show Floor.

The PTI and the PTI Games Library, is a BIPOC, LGBTQIA , women, disability, and neurodiverse inclusive supportive safe space. Storytellers are not expected to lead games outside of their comfort zone but will be asked to keep the safety of the space in mind. We reserve the right to remove any facilitator, player, and/or game which fails to uphold that standard.

If you have any questions about the Storyteller application process, please email paxtogether@paxsite.com.

Contact Preference: Discord & Phone

Please ensure you have notifications on. We will contact you during PAX as necessary (i.e. session cancelled, the GM is not there at the scheduled time). You will be added to a Discord channel to facilitate these communications.
Game Information

If you would like to apply to be a Storyteller of more than one game, please complete and submit a form for each game.
Safety Techniques & Conduct

PTI Games Library is committed to player safety and Storyteller safety. We will have a meeting with each Storyteller before the schedule goes live during which you may address any additional concerns or share any context you feel comfortable with at that time as well.


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that PAX will be able to accommodate all needs, but we will submit all requests of those individuals selected to be PTI Storytellers.
Special Accommodations and Requests

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that PAX will be able to accommodate all special accommodations and request, but we will submit all requests of those individuals selected to be PTI Storytellers.
Safety Tools
The following Safety Tools will be used over the course of every games:
2.X cards,
3.Traffic Light

Listed below are examples of the Safety Tools we will be utilizing. The final PTI Games Library Safety Tools may be different. All Storytellers will receive formal online training in the expected use of these tools and materials will be provided at the table.

Monte Cooke Games - Consent in Gaming and Fillable PDF - is FREE: https://www.montecookgames.com/store/product/consent-in-gaming/

TTRPG Safety Tool Guide - https://i.4pcdn.org/tg/1583202183294.pdf

TTRPG Safety Tool Drive and resources on bleed, lines and veils, etc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/114jRmhzBpdqkAlhmveis0nmW73qkAZCj

Digital Consent Checklist - You will need to make a copy. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1V_woHcRaoXMreg8rzlv3t79DjhW_Kw9xWeTQcZQ9AjI/edit
Game Session Scheduling

All PTI Games Library TTRPG games are required to use the TTRPG Consent Checklist and Safety Techniques. To accommodate this, there is an additional 15 minutes built into each game timeslot to allow participants to complete the checklist, and for the storyteller to review these responses. Example: a 2 hour game scheduled at 10:15am, using the first 15 minutes for the Consent Checklist, will begin running at 10:30am and conclude at 12:30pm.

Storytellers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time.