Costume Contest


There are eight (8) categories with eight (8) participants in each category. The categories are as follows:

1. Superheroes: Characters from any comic book related source
2. SCI-FI: Characters from any science fiction related source
3. Fantasy / Historical: Characters from any fantasy genre or historical figures
4. Youth: Contestants 12 years of age and under
5. Anime: Character from any anime source
6. Groups: Teams of two or more people (any genre)
7. Horror: Characters from any horror related source
8. Game / Media: Characters from any game or media related source

There will be a "Best in Category" winner for each category. There will also be a “Best of Show” top 3 winners. All Judging will be done by our Cosplay guests.

Prizes are as follows:
• Best of Show - $ 500.00 Cash Prize, Certificate, and 1st Place Medal
• 2nd Place - $ 300.00 Cash Prize and Certificate
• 3rd Place - $ 200.00 Cash Prize and Certificate
• Winner of category - a $ 50.00 cash prize
• Additional prizes, if any, will be announced at the event

The Costume Contest will be inside the El Paso Convention Center Saturday April 14th, 2018. Check in for costume contest will be one hour before at the contest location. You MUST have a valid El Paso Comic Con entry ticket for that day. Standbys will be accepted.

I understand that my personal information will be stored by the Costume Contest Coordinator only and will not be shared with any outside party. I understand that I MUST appear at the Costume Contest Check-in on the day of the contest to complete the entry process, if you do not appear, you will be dropped from the contest

This form is inactive and is not currently taking submissions.