2024 Masquerade Costume Contest Application

Thank you for applying to participate in the 2023 Phoenix Fan Fusion Masquerade Costume Contest.

Please read the contest rules as found on our website before submitting your official application.

Once you have completed this form, you will receive an email with further instructions on where to send your work-in-progress photos. Applications will only be reviewed and approved upon receiving photographs of the proposed costume/s. Costumes must be 75% complete by the estimation of our reviewers by April 4th to be accepted into the contest.

Review of progress photos will be factored into the judging process- the more you can show about your process, the better. See contest rules for further details on judging.

Upon receipt of your official application, you will be contacted for photos of the costume{s} to be worn. Please check your spam often in the event the email is waiting in the spam folder. Event organizers are not responsible for lost or misdirected emails.

The show is limited to 50 total entries with a maximum of 110 total costumes (including groups). Acceptance of all candidates/costumes is solely at the discretion of the event organizers and any costume may be excluded if the show organizers determine that the costume is not a good fit for the event.

Acceptance as a judged contestant will be contingent upon photos showing a costume at least 75% complete by April 4th. Determination of which costumes/photos are 75% complete are based on the judgement of the costume contest organizers. Costumes/participants who are unable to provide photos may be able to participate in the masquerade as a walk-on if we do not reach the 50/110 limits, but costumes without photos will NOT be eligible for top level prizes (first, second or third place in any category or best in show).

We strongly recommend providing multiple photos of different angles including close-up shots of more complicated components. Photos at different stages of completion are very helpful to the judges when it comes to awarding prizes. It’s also important to include reference photos of what the costume is based on/supposed to look like.