EGX Rezzed Digital Panel Submissions

Welcome to the EGX Rezzed Digital submission system! We’re always on the lookout for thought-provoking talks and panels on the development, design, and culture of games. These topics can range from nonsensical hypothetical scenarios to serious conversations about the nature of the business. Here are some other things we like to see:

*Topics you are both passionate and knowledgeable about.
*A strong visual element - talking heads are great but there is always more to show.
*A diverse group of panelists from different backgrounds, companies, and areas of the industry - don’t be afraid to reach outside your own network.

Here are some examples of previous panels we really liked:
*Why I Hate Corridors: Tips on Better Level Design
*Designing Sex In Games
*The Making Of... Fable 2
*Secrets of Game Design with William Pugh

While we are disappointed we won’t be able to see you all in person this year, an online show gives everyone a number of new and exciting opportunities. If your content pitch would be better suited for a different format - gameplay quick look, a concert, etc. - let us know!

Finally, due to the unreliability of live streams we have decided to ask all content to be pre-recorded and sent to us ahead of the show. We’ll send you more details on this process if your submission is accepted. There is no need to record before then!

Thank you for your interest in EGX Rezzed Digital. We look forward to reading your submission. The final deadline to submit is end-of-business on Monday, June 14th. Should you have any questions, please email us at