Dream Con Panel Application

All prospective panelists must submit their panel or workshop idea(s) to Dream Con via the Panel Application. Submit one application for each panel or workshop you would like to host. Panel application(s) will be reviewed by the Programming Department. Prospective panelists will receive an email notifying the applicant if their panel/workshop has been accepted, rejected, or wait-listed. Panel applications close on Monday, April 29th, 2022 at 10:59 pm Central Time. We will not accept your panel submission after the application deadline. Prospective panelists may apply for multiple panels/workshops; however, Dream Con does not guarantee that all of the panels will be accepted. To receive your badge(s), panelists must report to the programming office. Please DO NOT buy a membership badge before your panel is reviewed and approved! Panelists will not receive a refund.

This form is inactive and is not currently taking submissions.