EGX London Cosplay Showcase - Craftsmanship Competition Registration

Thanks for your interest - Advance registration is now closed but you can sign up at the show at Cosplay Central HQ in the Community Hub!

The EGX Cosplay Showcase will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

There are 2 parts to the EGX Cosplay Showcase: a non-competitive Cosplay Catwalk and a Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition.

The craftsmanship competition is open to participants aged 16 and over with handmade costumes.
- Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis to eligible entries.
- The maximum group size is six people. Groups will be judged as a whole, and not just on the basis of the best or worst costumes. Prizes are awarded per entry, not per person in a group.
- Only one entry is permitted per person per costume. If you enter as part of a group you cannot also enter as an individual with the same costume. You can participate on different days with different costumes.
Participation in the Cosplay Showcase does not grant free entry to EGX, you must have a valid ticket to participate.

Full Rules:

You will hear back from the team within 1 week. If you think the form hasn't gone through please get in touch at:

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