Unplugged'23 PAX Together Intersection Application

The PAX Together Intersection (PTI) aims to be a reflection of the intersectional identities of marginalized gamers. This includes a variety of nonprofits and community groups focused on elevating underrepresented groups'* experiences and stigmatized topics* in gaming culture. It is a safe and supportive space for anyone who wants to find community and commonality with other people who play games.
*underrepresented groups and stigmatized topics include, but are not limited to: BIPOC gamers, disabled gamers, queer trans-inclusive gamers, neurodivergent gamers, gamers dealing with mental health-related challenges

The PTI application deadline is Friday, October 6. Organizations that are accepted will receive table offers the week of October 9th.

If you have questions about the PAX Together Intersection, please email paxtogether@paxsite.com.