Dream Con Programming Application

Thank you for your interest in being a programming host for Dream Con 2024! All prospective programming hosts must submit their panel, workshop, or event idea(s) to Dream Con via this Programming Application. Submit one (separate) application for each panel, event, performance, demo or workshop you would like to host. The Programming Department will review programming applications). Please note that submitting an application does NOT guarantee approval. Acceptance in prior years does NOT guarantee acceptance this year. Prospective hosts will receive an email notifying the applicant if their panel or event has been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Due to the volume of submissions, only selected submissions are guaranteed to receive follow-up correspondence regarding the status of their application. Programming applications close on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 11:59 pm Central Time. We will not accept any submissions after the application deadline. Prospective programming hosts may apply for multiple panels/events; however, Dream Con does not guarantee that all programming applications will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: Standard weekend badges that were purchased prior to acceptance will be converted into the new panelists badge. Accepted panelist will have a limited time opportunity to purchase badges necessary for entry into the venue if such credentials have not been pre-purchased during a seasonal drop. REMINDER: Please check your spam folder regularly for updates and add programming@dreamconvention.com to your contacts. Missed messages will not be accepted as an excuse or exception. Any issues regarding submitting this form must be reported prior to the deadline for resolution and/or to request an extension.

This form is inactive and is not currently taking submissions.