Press Application

The requirements are:

(A) PRINT MEDIA: Print Media includes local newspapers, national newspapers, college newspapers, magazines etc. Hyperlocal publications and alternative newspapers will be considered based on the same criteria as the Internet press.

(B) TELEVISION & RADIO: TV & Radio include AM, FM, Satellite, Local TV and National TV.

(C) DIGITAL MEDIA: In order to even be considered for internet press credentials you must fit the following criteria. You will not get a reply if you fail to reference these points in your email request.

You must have a website that posts content weekly. You must have at least 2 verifiable social media pages for that website, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

One of your social platforms must have more than 5,000 followers.

Internet press is limited to 1 pass unless you agree to post about OtakuFest before the event with a link to our website. If you agree to run pre-press, you can have up to 2 passes.

(D) NATIONAL MEDIA: Nationally syndicated radio, tv, or print publications that are not local to South Florida must meet the Digital Media criteria in order to obtain press passes.

NOTE: If you are not approved for “free” press credentials, you may still purchase a ticket and report on the show that way. As well, having a press badge does not guarantee any interviews. If you are looking to interview any guests at the show in promotion of the show, please contact in advance. Please note it will be VERY hard to set up interviews on the fly at the show.

The number of passes are decided on a case to case basis at the discretion of Otaku Festival.

If you are granted a press pass, we ask (if possible) that you do a piece/share information regarding OtakuFest before the event itself.

Press Credentials are granted with the understanding that OtakuFest is a fan show that appreciates its attendees and guests. We ask that press don’t mock attendees or guests or use the show as a source for derisive humor.

Many of our celebrities have agreements to do advanced interviews with press, but very few have agreed to conduct interviews on site.

We will work with you to help secure possible advance information and potential interview opportunities with OtakuFest staff and/or guests. You will also be added to the mailing list for any related press releases.

NOTE: Your press pass is not approved unless you receive a confirmation email from OtakuFest. Do not “assume” it is approved and just show up. ALL approved press are sent confirmations in advance.

If you have any questions, please direct them to