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CODES OF CONDUCT. All retailers must provide tablecloths ā€“ no bare tables are allowed. Low lying shelving or display units can only be placed on the backing table. All trading must be done from behind your table. You can provide your own grid wall shelving to be used in your area behind your table but you must not under any circumstance go outside of the designated space assigned to your stand. Under no circumstances will exhibits, stand dressings, tables, chairs, etc. be permitted to encroach into gangways/walkways. Please keep your exhibits inside your stands at all times. You must have your own insurance and public liability insurance. You will not be covered on MCM insurance. You must not move your tables so that they are in an L shape. Your banners/signage/graphics/product displays must not be placed so that it divides tables or blocks off views of another retailer. You cannot bring your own tables. You cannot use clothing rails with a retailer table booking. If you need to use them you must book a booth or corporate space. You cannot place any shelving or grid walling at the side of your table. Your shelving, grid walling or display must not exceed 2.5m. No children under the age of 16 can be behind the table at any time. You must be over 16 years of age to be working behind a table with an adult present with you at all times if you are under 18 years of age. Please refer to our T and Cā€™s and the dealer manual for more information.
FLOOR VIOLATIONS. You cannot move your front table. Your backing table must be either behind your front table or against your backing wall ā€“ if it is not required then we can remove it upon request. You must not give it to another retailer for them to use. You cannot bring your own tables. You must not move your tables so that they are in an L shape. You must not place your signage/graphics so that it blocks off another retailer or divides the tables.
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