ConnectiCon XVII Game Submissions

Tabletop Gaming is being organized by Tabletop Game Center in Newington, CT at the Hartford Marriott Downtown during ConnectiCon weekend.

Tabletop Gaming will operate during the following hours:


Games Library: 3pm - 1am;

RPG Slot 1: 7pm - 11pm


Games Library: 9am - 1am;

RPG Slot 2: 9am - 1pm;

RPG Slot 3: 2pm - 6pm;

RPG Slot 4: 7pm -11pm


Games Library: 9am - 1am;

RPG Slot 5: 9am - 1pm;

RPG Slot 6: 2pm - 6pm;

RPG Slot 7: 7pm -11pm


Games Library: 9am - 3pm;

RPG Slot 8: 9am - 1pm;

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