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PACG #2-2D: The Idol of Sycorius

Card :: Pathfinder Adventures Card Game

Rated PG :: Occupying a small campus just north of Usher’s Hall, several grandiose structures house the histories, findings, and private collections of some of the city's most esteemed citizens. These buildings are the Founder's Archive and Museum of Ages. In an attempt to elevate the city-state beyond a jumped-up trading post, the local government has done much to encourage education and the arts. The majority of governmental funds contributed to city-wide enlightenment go toward these two structures' maintenance.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Pathfinder Society

Game Master
Tristan Elliston

Locations and Times

Saturday June 18 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Ballroom B (PFS) :: Table 30

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Free Pre-Registration

Available Registration Slots: 5

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