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D&D 5e: LD-INTRO1-5 Knee Deep

RPG :: Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Rated PG-13 :: An unruly neighbor is causing trouble for the village of Deep Marsh. The Church of Light would like you to investigate and sort out the problem. No one expects you to return, but that's only half of it. Can you get to the bottom of things, before it spills out into the world?

Game Experience Level
A Campaign Introductory Adventure for character levels 1-3.

Game Society
Living Divine

Game Master
Annie Erbacher

Locations and Times

Saturday July 13 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Marriott Ballroom "Tavern" :: Table 3

Registration Information

No Registration Required (walk up)
Sign-up sheets will be available at the Gaming Info Desk located in the Marriott upstairs ballroom lobby one hour prior to game start. Games will be first come first serve. A waitlist will be available for each game. Spots will be forfeit at the start of game if you are not present, and other players are on the waitlist.

Available Registration Slots: 6

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

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