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Agents of SMERSH: Epic Edition

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Rated G :: The Director of the United Nations Intelligence Committee has contacted you through a secure channel. He tells you that hundreds of Secret Government Spies worldwide have been disappearing and turning up dead. Only the best of the best, the elite of the elite are still alive: YOU are one of those Spies. He’s putting together a global inter-agency cooperating task force, and he needs your help to prevent more death and to stop the world’s most infamous evil mastermind, Dr. Lobo. Reports say that Lobo has put together his own force, a force for evil and death called “SMERSH” with objectives not only to bring “Death to all Spies” but ultimately to take over the world using his most influential and powerful henchmen. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to work together with our other allied spies to bring down Lobo’s henchmen and force them to lead you to Lobo himself. Once you find Lobo, take him down by any means necessary. "I will do whatever I can to help from here in the UN, all of our resources, tech, spy gear, and Intel are yours for the taking. We have other agents out in the field, in hiding now, perhaps to meet you on your encounters in the field. Do your best to stay alive, and bring down Lobo and his Henchmen as soon as possible. Good Luck." - The Director

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Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Jeff Kochosky

Locations and Times

Saturday July 22 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Marriott Hartford Downtown - Ballroom Prefunction :: Round table 4

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