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Rated PG-13 :: Slash: Romance without boundaries is a card-based party game in which players compete to create the best romantic fan fiction pairing. Everybody gets a hand of their favorite characters from pop culture, history, and literature. The matchmaker selects one from her hand and places it face up on the table. For a bit more storytelling, the matchmaker can request that each player narrate some portion of the relationship they are attempting to create. Maybe it's the first date, or their wedding day, or the moment when they realized they belonged together. Each player in turn selects a possible 'ship for that character using a card from their hand, narrating as necessary and hoping that the matchmaker chooses theirs — but if she doesn't, you can always narrate the tale of this destined connection to win the favor of the table and overrule the matchmaker. Play continues until one player has accumulated 20 points worth of characters.

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Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Gumi Burn

Locations and Times

Friday July 21 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Marriott Hartford Downtown - Ballroom A/B :: Long table 8

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No Registration Required (walk up)

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