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Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks

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Rated G :: 2023 is the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who. In celebration, I would love to Host/GM this Doctor Who themed game at ConnectiCon XX! I own the Base game as well as ALL Four Expansions that add a total of 13 Doctors to the Core gameplay mechanics. 2-6 Players begin by playing as their favorite Doctor, complete with Miniature Doctor playing piece, Miniature TARDIS marker, TARDIS interior card, and Companion and Item cards. The goal of the game is to race around the Board and beat the Daleks to Gallifrey before they defeat the Doctor more than 5 consecutive times OR destroy Earth. This is done by using each Doctor's individual abilities and Sonic Screwdriver on each turn to build a Dice Pool with a roll capable of passing challenges. Success is met with Reward and eventual victory; Failure results in consequences ... sometimes even Regeneration. When one player's Doctor Regenerates, they ALL must Regenerate. Which means that, in a really intense game, Players could potentially play as EVERY Doctor. You never know how the game will turn out. One unlucky card draw and a roll of the dice can change everything! Gameplay runs approx. 2 hours. I would host 2-3 games per window.

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Jeff Baryla

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Thursday July 20 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Marriott Hartford Downtown - Ballroom Prefunction :: Round table 6

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