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Spirit Island

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Rated PG :: On Spirit Island, spirits that control different aspects of the island, from thunderstorms to rivers and everything in-between, live in harmony with the local dahan. But one day, these strange invaders from far away lands arrive to settle on the island, cutting down jungles, mining the mountains, poisoning the rivers, and dumping waste into the sands. You and your fellow spirits must work together to drive them out before they pollute and corrupt the entire island! Spirit Island is a 1-4 player co-op game featuring card drafting, area control, and tower defense mechanics. Players control different spirits, each with unique special rules and tools in order to ward off the increasing number of invaders. Grow your spirit, position yourself, and utilize synergies between the other spirits!

Game Experience Level
Will accept all experience levels.

Game Society
Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
David Yeung

Locations and Times

Thursday July 20 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Marriott Hartford Downtown - Ballroom A/B :: Long table 5

Registration Information

No Registration Required (walk up)

Available Registration Slots: 6

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

No one has registered for this game yet.

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