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Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament - Clutch City GT

Miniatures :: Warhammer 40k

Rated G :: Houston 40k Grand Tournament at Comicpalooza 1850 Points The tournament will consist of five games. Each game will include eternal war and maelstrom missions with some secondary goals. Battle points will be used to determine standings. Awards will include Best Overall (combined appearance and battle points), Best General (battle points only), Best Appearance (includes painting and conversions) and Best Highlander (determined by battle points and appearance). We will be using the ITC format for the Grand Tournament. For complete rules visit: Highlander composition details are below. We plan to have the Highlander players pair up against each other for the first one or two rounds. They will then be put in the remaining pool of players based on their battle points. Highlander Army Composition rules. This is a highly comped format that has become quite popular. (This is based on the format used in the 2015 Railhead Rumble, Thanks Guys.) 1. You must state you are using the Highlander rules. 2. All units come from only one source. 3. No allies, detachments, dataslates, formation, superheavy lords of war, forgeworld or fortifications may be used. 4. Troops may be duplicated only if you have used one of each choice available in your army. 5. All unit entries with the exception of troops (including dedicated transports) are 0-1. 6. We are using the "Counts As" rules as based on the Railhead Rumble (2015). "Counts As" – To keep the theme or uniqueness, certain unit entries may "count as" other generic unit entries. Typically, you see this with named characters. For example, Eldar is also a Farseer and, thereby, you cannot take both Eldrad and a Farseer. To "count as" something, there must be a Generic Representation and a Specific Representation. For this reason, you can take a Bloodthirster and a Lord of Change because there is not Greater Demon entry. 7. Unit Entries that create multiple units are restricted to 0-1. Ministorum Priest unit is an example. 8. You may not create new units if that unit was already used in our original list. 9. No imperial knights are allowed.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Ben Sedberry
Allan Bailey
John Owens
John Connelly
Jonathon Willingham
David McNair

Locations and Times

Saturday June 18 10:00 am to 11:00 pm Ballroom A :: Warhammer 40k area
Sunday June 19 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Ballroom A :: Warhammer 40k area

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration
Paid Registration at Table (walk up)
A fee of $10 will be collected at the tournament (this is in addition to the cost of your convention pass). You may preregister, but you will still need to pay the $10 at the tournament. This is because the system does not yet support paid preregistration.

Available Registration Slots: 48

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

  • Ryan (tbd)
  • Mike Delta
  • Jarl joe B
  • David Landecker
  • lordybarbo
  • G
  • Deathonastick
  • holydakka
  • DukeNeukom
  • David Arellano
  • Dirty Mike & The White Scars
  • Joseph Wells
  • Skarsol
  • Jay Pena
  • Nicolas XIong
  • Lars
  • JJS II
  • Minor
  • Michael Roebuck
  • Broth
  • Colin
  • Virules the Plaguelich
  • Ragnulf
  • Chaplain Peakaboo and the Slick Crusaders
  • Eric Tadt
  • Nick
  • Sean Barry
  • Aztex3400
  • Swang Swang
  • Pete Garibay
  • C7

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