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Illimat Demo - with Jenn Ellis & Keith Baker!


Rated G :: Guest of Honor - Play with Jenn Ellis & Keith Baker! "Last year's super secret project 12; from the publisher: In early 2009, the band The Decemberists had an idea for a photoshoot where they would be a secret society playing a weird and wonderful game in different locations. Carson Ellis and Autumn de Wilde created a game board as a prop and called it The Illimat. FLASH FORWARD TO 2015: The band, having played many board games on the road during their down time between soundcheck and show, decided to make this strange game-board-without-a-board-game into a real living, breathing game. Chris Funk from the band approached us at Twogether Studios to see what we could do. Keith Baker (creator of Gloom and Eberron) worked to make Illimat feel like an old forgotten card game that would be compelling to modern players: a game that feels of its time, yet weirdly out of time altogether. Illimat is a card game for 2-4 players, and you can play a single hand in fifteen minutes. You win by collecting the most cards, which requires you to cultivate and combine sets of cards in the four fields of the board. The box the game comes in is also a component of the game: it sits in the center of the board and sets the seasons for each field, which affects the actions that can be taken. Turning the box and changing the seasons is a critical part of the strategy of the game. Illimat has been playtested with devoted gamers and people who haven’t played a game in years. The result is a game that’s easy to learn, dynamic, and just a little bit addictive."

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Game Society
Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Jenn Ellis
Keith Baker

Locations and Times

Friday July 7 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Guest of Honor Space (Marriott Lobby) :: Table 2, Table 4

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