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Heroclix 3v3 Sealed

Miniatures :: HeroClix

Rated PG :: 3v3 Sealed. Three players band together and build 3-300 point teams from six boosters. Players will designate themselves as A, B or C. When matched against opponents, the two A's play each other, B's against each other and C's against each other. Each match is on a separate map, but all playing at same time. The team that has the majority of victories individually gets the overall win.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Scott Johnson

Locations and Times

Sunday June 19 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Ballroom C (HeroClix) :: Tables 94-99

Registration Information

No Registration Required (walk up)
Free Pre-Registration Will utilize this site for pairings and score keeping. If you do not have a WES account one can be assigned to you on location.

Available Registration Slots: 60

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

No one has registered for this game yet.

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