Alitha Martinez

Alitha E. Martinez is a comic book penciller and inker who has worked on Marvel’s Iron Man and Black Panther: World of Wakanda and NBC’s Heroes tie-ins as well as the self-published science-fiction novella Foreign. Martinez started working in the comics industry in the 1990s as an assistant to Joe Quesada on Azrael & Ash and Daredevil, then as an inker’s assistant on Aquaman. She got her first headlining role as artist on Iron Man, then moved on to X-Men: Black Sun, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, WWE Superstars, Batgirl, Black Panther and Voltron. In 2007 Martinez created Ariotstorm Productions to publish her own work, including Yume and Ever and Foreign.

Location: Artist Valley, Table B02

1:00 pm

Diversity in Comics I - Are Things Really Changing? :: Coast City Room - Mile High Ballroom DCCP6
Georges Jeanty, Alitha Martinez, Dan Parent, Justin Ponsor, Dexter Vines, Juan Gabe
Friday June 30, 2017 :: 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm

2:00 pm

Marvel Then and Now :: Coast City Room - Mile High Ballroom DCCP6
Allen Bellman, Alitha Martinez, Mike McKone, Matt Wisniewski
Saturday July 1, 2017 :: 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm

3:00 pm

Comics Drawing Careers for Young Women :: 8bit Stage @ Kids' LAB
Katie Cook, Erica Henderson, Alitha Martinez, Amy Mebberson
Sunday July 2, 2017 :: 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm