Cosplay Guests

MEW21 Cosplay is a cosplayer, costume designer and performance company owner based in Orlando, Florida. Her passion for various fandoms coupled with a love of craftsmanship have fueled an insatiable urge to learn new skills. This soon led her to win various craftsmanship and performance awards at many events including: DragonCon and Megacon. Her costumes are all parts of her fandoms including Anime, Disney, Cinematic, Comic and Video Games. Several of her cosplays have been featured on different social medias including Cosplay Culture Magazine, Dorkly, Geek Girls,and Art of Cosplay. MEW21’s greatest joy is using her degree in communications to teach others through informative panels. She loves sharing her wide range of knowledge on cosplay subjects, as well as, the struggles of coping with an invisible illness through the creativity of cosplay.

6:00 pm

Wig styling : How to achieve that crazy hair! :: Workshop Track - Panel Room 20
Dei Cosart, MEW21
Thursday August 3, 2017 :: 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm

9:00 pm

The Sailor Moon Dark Dream Dance :: Special Events- Ballrooms C and D
Dei Cosart, Erin Hurst - 3000 Brigade, METROCON Mascots, MEW21
Saturday August 5, 2017 :: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm