Tony Moore

Fans of horror and science fiction comics will jump at the opportunity to encounter Tony Moore at DCC '18. This 2005 Eisner nominee is known for his gut-wrenching (literally!) art across a number of our favorite series (The Walking Dead, Crawl Space XXXombies). Some of Moore's most memorable work - Fear Agent with Dark Horse, The Exterminators with Vertigo, and Battle Pope with Image Comics - is recognized for its gritty detail and dark characters. In addition to his creator-owned titles, like Fear Agent, Moore has worked with extensively with publishers like Marvel (Deadpool, Venom, Punisher, Ghost Rider, X-Men) and DC (Batman, Batman/Superman, Detective Comics).

4:00 pm

Action & Adventure Comics Creators :: Happy Harbor Room - Mile High Ballroom DCCP1
Brian Azzarello, Meredith Finch, Tony Moore, Ron Randall, Peter Tomasi, Billy Tucci, Ryan Frost, Reel Nerds
Friday June 15, 2018 :: 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm

2:00 pm

Sci Fi Comics :: Room 502/503 - Comics
Tony Moore, Charles Soule, James Tynion IV, Ryan Frost, Reel Nerds
Sunday June 17, 2018 :: 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm