Jen Vaughn

Jen Vaughn is a freelance cartoonist and narrative designer. Her first series, GOOSEBUMPS: DOWNLOAD AND DIE! comes out on March 28th from IDW written by Jen and drawn by Michelle Wong with Triona Farrell on colors. She's taken over the art duties for VIXENS (issue 6 - on) for ARCHIE, as well as drawing covers for the comic series My Little Pony, Pathfinder, and more. Jen also writes for mobile video games: Episode, Nicki Minaj: The Empire game, Plants vs Zombies.

12:00 pm

IDW - What's Coming Next? :: Room 502/503 - Comics
Kim Dwinell, Jen Vaughn, Bobby Curnow
Saturday June 16, 2018 :: 12:00 pm to 12:50 pm

12:00 pm

Creating Inclusive Comics :: Coast City Room - Mile High Ballroom DCCP6
Kurt Lustgarten, Pamela Ribon, Jen Vaughn
Sunday June 17, 2018 :: 12:00 pm to 12:50 pm

2:00 pm

Indie & Self-Published Comics are for everyone! :: Happy Harbor Room - Mile High Ballroom DCCP1
Aubrey Aiese, Maarta Laiho, Cat Staggs, Spike Trotman, Jen Vaughn, Tajshen Campbell
Sunday June 17, 2018 :: 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm