Preethaji is an internationally known modern, spiritual philosopher and sage. She is co-founder of O&O and One World Academies in India, both philosophy and meditation schools with a global presence whose vision is to bring about a revolution in the totality of human thought, igniting lasting change in the way we live.

Preethajiā€™s vision is to end human suffering born of self-centric thinking and awaken one to the interconnection of all existence. Her insights on mind, self, presence, consciousness and the universe are breakthroughs in human thought. She has the rare ability to move into transcendental states of being at will, distinctly impacting the consciousness of those in her presence. The most current brain and mind studies underlie her wisdom, which carries a distinctive flavor of truth, freedom and mysticism.

Preethaji travels throughout USA, South America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and China offering her four day and weekend programs. She has also led numerous events on the issues of Conscious Business Leadership, Conscious Parenting and Consciousness of a Complete Woman.

Preethaji, a wife, a mother and founder & advisor of five global businesses, is chief mentor to the entire faculty for both of her spiritual academies.