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Media Terms and Guidelines

  • Salt Lake Gaming Con asks that you be courteous of attendees while taking video or photos.
  • All photographs or video taken at Salt Lake Gaming Con may be used for editorial purposes only. Any other use requires the written approval of Salt Lake Gaming Con.
  • Salt Lake Gaming Con allows press equipment on vendor floor and program areas during posted show hours only, unless arrangements have been made with an SLGC representative in advance.
  • Any photographs or videos of an exhibitor's booth can only be used with the knowledge and consent of the exhibitor.
  • Photographs and videos shall not claim to be exclusive or official coverage of Salt Lake Gaming Con though exhibitors retain the right to arrange exclusive media coverage with press of their choosing after approval by Salt Lake Gaming Con media representative.
  • Reports cannot include proprietary material owned by Salt Lake Gaming Con inclusive of, but not limited to, interview transcripts, audio transmissions, video transmissions, photographs, or any other copyright or trademark owned by Salt Lake Gaming Con without the prior written authorization of Salt Lake Gaming Con.