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Media Terms and Guidelines

Outside Media Terms and Guidelines

ConnectiCon XVII (July 11-14 2019)

Outside Media Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in this year's ConnectiCon! To continue to provide a high-quality service for you and your audience, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to help us by maintaining the following guidelines:

  1. Please fill out the Press Application form on All new and returning outside media MUST COMPLETE THE FORM IN FULL TO BE ELIGIBLE.

a.             Media Outlet Name

b.             Media Type (Website/Blog/Vlog/Newspaper/Magazine/Radio/Television/Social Media/Photography)

c.             Primary Contact Name

d.             Title

e.             Location of Media Source (Address, City, State and Zip Code)

f.              Web Address (i.e.

g.             Primary Contact Phone Number

h.             Primary Contact Email Address

i.              Additional Contacts of Media Source Names

j.              Additional Contacts of Media Source Phone Number

k.             Additional Contacts of Media Source Email Address

l.              Did you attend ConnectiCon XV?

i.Previous examples (1-2) of recent ConnectiCon materials (i.e. blog site, photographs, podcast recording, video recording, etc.)

m.           If NO previous ConnectiCon materials, last convention and/or last post

  1. Please visit for the latest upcoming Guests and events to share with your audience.

 .              We constantly update our website and social media pages to provide the latest lists of Guests

a.             ANY and ALL SUBMISSIONS for private interviews will be processed based on the availability of each Guest.

b.             It's best to identify up to THREE (3) Guests your team wishes to interview in advance, highest to lowest priority. NO SUBMISSIONS PAST MAY 20TH WILL BE CONSIDERED!!

c.             Pre-Con interviews are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED and will be recommended before any approved interviews DURING the convention.

d.             ABSOLUTELY NO ON-SITE INTERVIEWS WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE CONVENTION WITHOUT PREVIOUS APPROVAL! This helps our Guests and Guest Relations Staff stay on time and not feel overwhelmed.

e.             You will be privately contacted if your request has been approved/denied.

  1. Please attend at least ONE (1) Press Conference.

 .              All conferences will take place each day before the convention opens. Time/Place: TBD

a.             It is encouraged that you attend as many as you can as it makes both our Guests and yourself look good.

  1. Throughout the weekend, we encourage you to upload all materials into the Press Room computer.

 .              Please submit any and/or all materials to our Press Liaison Staff throughout the weekend.

a.             ConnectiCon reserves the right to request Press materials at any time.

b.             If you cannot produce materials by the time the weekend is over, we require any/all submissions within 90 days AFTER to be reconsidered for next year's convention.

  1. We encourage you to check out the ConnectiCon's Convivial Fest (A collaboration between our convention and Hartford's upscale Venues.) When the doors close each evening, ConnectiCon's NIGHTLIFE is booming throughout Downtown Hartford.
  2. We will be providing a list of featured events that should provide a genuine ConnectiCon experience for your media outlet. Feel free to find us on Facebook for all upcoming events.
  3. Should you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to email and we'll get back to you in a timely manner.