Media and Press Application

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Media Terms and Guidelines

Pintastic New England welcomes members of the press from around the world and is happy to provide approved media members with a complimentary press badge. Approval to receive a press badge is not guaranteed. We must maintain a high standard of excellence when we award press badges so please understand that: 

  • Your press badge allows access as long as space is permitting.
  • Your press badge does not allow early access, special access or guaranteed seating.
  • Your press badge does not allow you to cut lines.
  • Your press badge will not allow access into any events requiring an additional ticket.

Complimentary press badges are extended as a courtesy of Pintastic. Each is issued individually and is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your press badge, and any individuals conducting such activity will be disqualified from press badges at future Pintastic events.

Pintastic Press Registration is open for writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, photographers, cameramen, etc. who are attending specifically to write about Pintastic and/or cover the event for newspapers, magazines, TV, blogs, podcasts, radio, etc.

You must be 18 or older to qualify for a press badge. Pintastic reserves the right to approve or deny any application.