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RetroWorld Expo Media Qualifications

 Thank you for your interest in this year's RetroWorld Expo! To continue to provide a high-quality service for you and your audience, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to help us by maintaining the following guidelines:

 ***PLEASE NOTE: ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL BY July 30, 2018! ANY applications submitted after the Deadline may be reviewed if applicable!

 Please fill out the Press Application form on All new and returning outside media MUST COMPLETE THE FORM IN FULL TO BE ELIGIBLE.

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 If NO previous RetroWorld Expo materials, last convention and/or last post

 Please visit for the latest upcoming Guests and events to share with your audience.

 We constantly update our website and social media pages to provide the latest lists of Guests

 You will be privately contacted if your request has been approved/denied.

 It is encouraged that you attend as much of RetroWorld Expo as you can as it makes both our Guests and yourself look good.

 RetroWorld Expo reserves the right to request Press materials at any time.

 If you cannot produce materials by the time the weekend is over, we require any/all submissions within 90 days AFTER to be reconsidered for next year's convention.

 Should you have any questions regarding the application process, feel free to email and we'll get back to you in a timely manner.