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COMBATCON 2024 Schedule :: Fred Kaye

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Fred Kaye

Sifu Fred Kaye’s martial career spans over 47 years. Mr. Kaye’s martial foundation is in the Asian Japanese and Chinese martial traditions, starting in the 1970 with Japanese Shotokan Karate, then continuing on to external Northern/Southern Shaolin styles to Internal Wudang arts of Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Lu Huo Quan and Taiji Quan. Over the past decade, Coach Fred has expanded his martial journey with an exploration of western martial arts Bartitsu, La Defense dan la Rue and other global fighting arts. Coach Fred has developed a training program integrating Classic Martial training featuring Indian Clubs, Maces and Health wands to allow warriors and any person to maintain health at any age. Info at

Currently Fred is teaching weekly classes at EnGarde Fencing academy in Santa Rosa CA.

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