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COMBATCON 2024 Schedule :: Russell Mackler

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Russell Mackler

Russell T Mackler has a mixed background in martial arts since the age of 14, and is the 2nd generation inheritor of the Viñas Arnis System from Grandmaster Nonong Viñas the son of the late founder Grandmaster Jose Viñas. Viñas Arnis is a Visayan Filipino Martial Art system founded in 1932 in City of Talisey, Barrio Concepcion Negros Occidental and was mainly taught in Bacolod, Negros Occidental. The system originates from the bolo (sword) and has unique way to explain and correlate a great deal of information. The system’s main focus is on sword, stick, knife, and empty hands. Russell is also affiliated with HEMA the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship, and other organizations such as Loyal Order of the Sword with a great interest in fighting with weapons. – Home of the Viñas Arnis Systems – Lapu Lapu Viñas Arnis

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