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Flower City Comic Con 2023 Schedule :: Anthony Zicari

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Anthony Zicari

Appearing Sat,Sun

Anthony Zicari is an award winning full time professional freelance writer and editor. He has been working in the entertainment industry for 25+ years. In that time he has written and edited for a wide number of companies, comic books, magazines, newspapers, online web sites and other publications, worldwide. Including but not limited to Dark Horse Comics, Antarctic Press, Marvel Comics, Legendary Press, Lion Forge, Wizard, Tokyopop, Inkwerk Studios and many more. Anthony worked on/wrote the Warrior Nun comic book for Antarctic Press for many years which was recently picked up by Netflix and turned into a live action TV Show, currently with two seasons and more to come. Recently, he was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Buster Keaton Foundation as well as the Editor In Chief of their magazine, The Keaton Chronicle. In addition to his regular writing/editing work load, he continues to work on many personal projects, as well as branching out into writing novels/short stories, films, TV and animation.