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Florida Supercon 2019 Schedule :: Jim Salicrup

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Jim Salicrup

Appearing Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun

Jim Salicrup is best known for his role as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics in the 1980's and Topps Comics in the 1990's. Salicrup was instrumental in the development of the Spider-Man story arc, KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT as well as other great adventures of SPIDER-MAN, THE AVENGERS, and THE FANTASTIC FOUR.

Jim is currently the editor-in-chief of Papercutz, which publishes NANCY DREW, THE HARDY BOYS, ZORRO, and other titles.

6:30 pm

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Q&A :: Room 229
Khary Randolph, Jim Salicrup, Nick Spencer, J. Michael Straczynzski, Jim Towe, Mike Avila, Scott Hanna
Saturday July 6, 2019 :: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm