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Florida Supercon 2019 Schedule :: Vundacast Podcast

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Vundacast Podcast

Vundacast Productions est. 2013 is born, raised, and based in Miami. Stephen and Danielle have produced over 200 podcast episodes. Their current active podcasts are the Rebel Order, a Star Wars centric podcast and the Vundacast. Their focus is dissecting storytelling in media like movies, tv, wrestling, and comic books. Joined by local con legend Blockbuster Guy Frank and his sidekick Doms handle videogame and anime expertise for us. Check us out on itunes, stitcher, spottify, googleplay, youtube, Instagram, twitter, or at our panels here please.

5:00 pm

Official Florida Supercon Podcast Hub :: Room 203 - 205
Vundacast Podcast
Friday July 5, 2019 :: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm