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GalaxyCon Richmond 2019 Schedule :: Paris Cullins

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Paris Cullins

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

Paris Cullins is a comic book artist and the co-creator of the DC character, BLUE DEVIL which appeared in episodes of the Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice cartoons as well as the recent 2019 television series Swamp Thing for DC Universe. A dream was realized for Paris with his rendition of Jack Kirby’s New Gods along with D.C.’s The Blue Beetle, Forever People mini-series, Wonder Woman, Batman, Detective, Teen Titans, Swamp Thing and Justice League at companies: Marvel, Nintendo, Mattel, and others drawing comic covers, card art, game packaging, and toy design.

His mentor, Dick Giordano described Paris’s art best one day to Joe Orlando as the Manga baby of Jack Kirby and George Perez; seen in his emphasize of great devices: action, drama, human emotions and imaginative backgrounds.

He hopes to steer you in the right direction with his newest venture in the cow comic strip scene Bodacious Bovines created for Utterly Ridiculous Productions, along with his independent titles; New Devil, Marcus Arena, The Afro Punks, and Plush Baby.