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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2021 Schedule :: Beau Smith

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Beau Smith

Beau Smith Created and writes Wynonna Earp, the heroine of the Cult favorite comic books, Graphic novels, Television series, Funko Pop Figures, and…the most insane crossover coming up in 2020.

Beau Smith has written comic books starring: Spawn, Angela, Wolverine, Guy Gardner, Boba Fett, Aliens, Mars Attacks, Young Justice, Legion Of Super-Heroes, B’Wana Beast, Green Lantern, Jack Bauer, Batman, Wildcat, Wonder Woman, Xena, and many more.

Beau Smith is the creator and writer of: Wynonna Earp, Cobb, Lost And Found, Parts Unknown, Primate, The Badlander, 200 People To Kill, and the NEW upcoming graphic novels- Maximum Jack, Stop Watch (With Melanie Scrofano), and Rangers.