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Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2022 Schedule :: Billy Tackett

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Billy Tackett

For the past twenty-five years, Billy has been working as a professional artist, creating art for public spaces, commercial, and private enjoyment alike. Some of his past projects include designing a city welcome entry sign; a restaurant mural; an entire deck of playing cards, and special edition steel book DVD release covers. His work is represented in private collections throughout the world and has been published extensively.

As a kid he thrived on a healthy diet of comic books, horror movies, and Saturday morning cartoons. Little did he know all this would one day collide to create his lifelong career and passion! Inspired by this sense of nostalgia he seeks to establish a lasting impression upon the public. He’ll open that fresh box of sugary cereal that is his psyche, dig deep, and explore whatever treasures he happens to uncover, thus creating images that literally cause people to stop and be utterly speechless!

Having always enjoyed the smell and texture of paint, he began “splattering” with his bare fingers in order to enjoy and appreciate the organic nature of his work and eliminate brushes. The technique started out very loose with landscapes and florals but was eventually mastered and expanded into portraiture and installation pieces. His work with portraiture lends itself to a complex blending of impressionism and pop art.

He also enjoys challenging himself with limitations, such as a portrait with ONLY four colors or an entire painting using shades of ONLY one color. Each painting provides a new opportunity for him to eschew long favored artistic practices and driving him to create his signature style. Faces emerge, fantastical images appear, and highly textured paintings and portraits that engage the public take shape. His art now represents a strong defiance of the traditional two-dimensional painting.

While he continues exploring new techniques and his work still touts his love of pop culture, you'll find it now sprinkled with more fine art creations. These embolden him to experiment with more architecture, portraits, and still life - things he probably would have never painted prior. And for that he is grateful.