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MEGACON Orlando 2023 Schedule :: Alicia Robles-Diego

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Alicia Robles-Diego

"A team that works together, prosppers together" is her motto and she see the in the inner talent with in you. She came out of thin air during the massive covid outbreak. She was reborn into a new super hero of faith to her small town that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself & strive for your dreams, to never let anyone bring you down or tell you otherwise. 28yrs old mother of two beautiful kids. Being an only child,Mexican-American born in the state of Pennsylvania ,raised in the sunshine state of Florida in the town of Bradenton ,raised by her father grew up & graduated class of 2014, to be a private duty nurse & a foster mentor for young youth. Working 2 to 3 jobs, being a mother, & fitting cosplay in one line seems impossible right?. Wrong it was very possible for her she saw every wall that blocked her as a wall she could break through Easley. Cosplaying her first time June 13th 2021 in convention in Lakeland is where it all started taking her first win in judge's favorite choice. From there she ran with the wind and spreaded her Ambition to be the best cosplayer she could and master different techniques in her own style. Gender bending & Making her own styles in Mash Up Characters are her specialty among her poses in her pictures as well. Layla you would notice her right away if you are in the same room as her, because she lights up the room every where she goes, and I mean she really does with all the lights she adds to her cosplays which is her best specialty, the best in my opinion is her eye makeup , they say her eye make up especially her wings can cut through you if you where butter and is what makes her cosplays complete along with amazing colored contacts, on top of her matching masks. And yes she sows by hand shes never used a sowing machine. Sowing a full cosplay of LEATHER OUCH ! On top of being a fast learner and I mean fast! The best thing about her she always shares good ideas and how to save money when cosplaying and shares who she looks up to in pro cosplayers and she always has these amazing lists to share for cosplayers. She is also a very compassionate cosplayer she helps anyone she can & will go out of her way to make sure no one is ever left out. When she expresses her self to give words of motivation & self love you can hear her passion in her voice.