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MEGACON Orlando 2023 Schedule :: Jeff Balke

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Jeff Balke

Animation has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Sitting down at the kitchen table watching cartoons, when I should be doing homework was something I always looked forward too every day after school. I want kids of all ages to do the same with my characters and stories.

We’re an animation studio focusing on creating 2D animation both traditionally with paper and pencil and what I call, digital cel animation, bringing both traditional and digital together. But creating animation and building your own studio takes time. Which is why we also create beyond the big screen.

Comic books and comic strips have a special place in my heart. Not only did they help me “perfect” my drawing skills when I was young, but they helped me read. Which is why I’m working on producing a weekly comic strip series and all ages comic books. In addition to comic books and strips, we have in production our second coloring book, activity books, kids books and numerous pieces of art I call, ARToons.

I call them ARToons (cartoon art = ARToons). These are my versions of prints featuring our own Stanley Squirrel and friends. I even have some Original Hand Colored pieces which are all one of a kind!