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MEGACON Orlando 2023 Schedule :: Jeffrey Edwards

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Jeffrey Edwards

Jeffrey Edwards is a professional comic book artist originally from just outside of Kansas City Missouri. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Comic Book Illustration from The Acadmey of Art University in San Francisco, he landed his first published project creating comic book art to be used in a series of articles written for Australia’s pop-culture driven magazine called FilmInk.

His most recent credits include pencilling and inking the GI JOE #266 as well as the Transformers #1 variant covers exclusive to One Stop Comic Shop for IDW Publishing, pencilling and inking Warlock 5 for Outland Entertainment, pencilling Benchmark 5 for Essential Comics, pencilling Greyfell for Squint Comics, Extermination for BOOM! Studios, as well as working on TMNT art for the special edition of Secret History of the Foot Clan for IDW. He has also provided illustrations for table-top games such as Fire and Ax: A Viking Saga, Kings of Air & Steam : World’s Fair, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and others. He was the artist for the create-your-own adventure comic-style mobile app This Is Not A Test produced by Robot Monster Productions.