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MEGACON Orlando 2023 Schedule :: Jenni Gregory

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Jenni Gregory

Jenni Gregory is the creator/writer/illustrator of “DreamWalker”-- one of the more critically acclaimed independent comics of the late 1990s. She also created one of the first webcomics--Abby’s Menagerie--a comic about extinct animals that are suddenly reappearing. Warren Ellis called Abby's Menagerie “one of the best webcomics I’ve seen”-- in 2000.

When she’s not working on her own comics projects, she enjoys being a cover illustrator for various companies. She’s done covers for Casper, Underdog, Funnyman and many others.

Jenni has been working as a sketch card artist for many years. She has been delighted to work on Manos: Hands of Fate, MST3K (series 3-4), Nosferatu, Zorro 100th Anniversary, Psycho Ape and Ultraman and many other properties.

A sci-fi fan, her art was recently featured in Infinite Worlds magazine.

Jenni lives in Davenport, FL with her comic-creating/writer/colorist/editor/and man who wears many other hats--Barry, and their three kids and a very big, very fuzzy, very bad dog. She is also an avid photographer, reads far too much, and loves her gadgets. Be aware-- she steals pens.