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MEGACON Orlando 2023 Schedule :: Sorah Suhng

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Sorah Suhng

Sorah Suhng has been a contributing artist to the comic book industry since 2007.

Sorah has been working primarily as a penciller and illustrator since 2016. ​

Sorah's art can be seen this year on the Princeless Anthology, Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess, and Zombie Tramp through Action Lab Entertainment; Lady Death and La Muerta through Coffin Comics, Vampironica through Archie Comics, Patriotika and Valkyrie Saviors through Mountain Olympus Comics, and many more to be announced and revealed before the end of 2018!

​Sorah is the owner and creator of character Karnal Sin, with current project free online to read at:

Previous credits include: X-O Manowar - Birth, and Ninja-K through Valiant Comics, Void Trip through Image Comics, her inking, designs, and title designs on titles: Iron Man - The End, Iron Man - Legacy of Doom, Hercules - Twilight of a God through Marvel.