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METROCON 2021 Schedule :: Abradorable

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Abra or “Abradorable” is a born and raised Floridian cosplayer, cosmetologist, makeup artist, scenic painter, and certified weeb.

She started cosplaying in 2008 and has not let up since. Through her cosplay portfolio, Abra has developed a career in the theme park industry by styling the “hair” of famous princesses, creating horrific monsters during Halloween Horror nights, and building props and sets for new rides and attractions at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. She is most known for her WWII “Ship Girl” cosplays featuring Kancolle and Azur Lane.

Look out for Abra all weekend and be sure to check out her cosplay workshop panels! You can also follow her on Instagram @abradorable to stay up to date on all of her cosplay shenanigans!

1:00 pm

Opening Ceremonies :: East Hall - Main Events
Justin Briner, Ricco Fajardo, Caleb Hyles, David Matranga, Emily Neves, Anairis Quiñones, Christopher Wehkamp, Rebecca Lugo, Abradorable , BadAssBard , Clockwork Carousel , Erin Hurst , METROCON Mascots , Nerds Know , Retro Digital Media , TeppyBAKA
Friday July 23, 2021 :: 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

5:30 pm

Closing Ceremonies :: East Hall - Main Events
Abradorable , BadAssBard , C80sThingamabobs , Clockwork Carousel , Erin Hurst , METROCON Mascots , METROCON Official Entertainment , Nerds Know , Retro Digital Media , TeppyBAKA
Sunday July 25, 2021 :: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

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