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ReaperCon 2021 Schedule :: Ron Vutpakdi

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Please note all times, instructors, and locations are subject to change without notice.

Ron Vutpakdi

Ron is no amazing artist, but he hangs out with the best of them (they're too polite to shoo him off) and taught sold out beginner classes for several years at GenCon. Ron’s classes feature detailed handouts containing material that he wished that he had known when he started painting again about 15 years ago. At cons like PAX South and Adepticon, you can find Ron helping out at the Reaper booth where he finds strange pleasure in helping people find just the right mini and advising on paint selection.

On the Reaper forums, Ron goes by “vutpakdi”.

By day, Ron helps software teams make people more productive through easy to use software.

Please note: schedule times and locations are subject to change without notice. Reaper U class prices are subject to change without notice. No refunds or exchanges within 24 hours of class start time.