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Reno Pop Culture Con 2019. Schedule :: Jamie Sullivan

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Jamie Sullivan

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

Jamie Sullivan is a cover Artist for IDW's GI Joe: A Real American Hero comic series. As well as the artist for Toynami's current line of Robotech Toys and limited edition prints. He’s worked for companies such as Disney and Marvel and has created art for Lucasfilm’s Star Wars.

Jamie is the Co-Creator and Artist of the comic book "4 Reasons To Own A Death Ray" and the upcoming series “The Deeply Enthralling Misadventures of My Amputated Toe”.

Jamie’s attention to detail, inventive composition and deep love for the subject matter he works with is what continues to make him a fan favorite.

4:30 pm

Want to Be an Artist? Is Art School Always the Answer? :: A12/A13 - Authors/Comics
Ben Bishop, Joel Gomez, Mark Sparacio, Kevin West, Jimmie Jones, Jamie Sullivan
Friday November 8, 2019 :: 4:30 pm to 5:20 pm

12:30 pm

Comics Cover Artists Assemble! :: A12/A13 - Authors/Comics
Mark Sparacio, Jeremy Schoonover, Jamie Sullivan
Saturday November 9, 2019 :: 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm