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Texas Frightmare Weekend Schedule :: Dennis Paoli #137

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Dennis Paoli #137

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

Presented by Arrow Video

Appearing Friday and Saturday only

Writer Dennis Paoli achieved his greatest enduring cult popularity by penning the wickedly witty scripts for two superior 80s H.P. Lovecraft adaptations directed by noted horror genre icon Stuart Gordon: the terrific "Re-Animator" and its equally excellent follow-up "From Beyond." Paoli and Gordon first crossed paths working for the experimental Organic Theater in Chicago.

Besides those two films, Paoli has also written "The Pit and the Pendulum," "Castle Freak," "Dagon" and the "Masters of Horror" episodes "H.P. Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House" and "The Black Cat" for Gordon. Paoli has done several screenplays for prolific low-budget movie producer Charles Band: a segment of the horror anthology "Pulse Pounders," "Spellcaster," "Meridian," and "Ghoulies II."

He collaborated with Larry Cohen and Nicholas St. John on the script for Abel Ferrara's supremely creepy and underrated sci-fi/horror winner "Body Snatchers." In addition to those credits, Paoli wrote the gruesome "The Dentist" for Brian Yuzna.

Outside of writing screenplays, Dennis Paoli has a regular day job as a Writing Instructor and Coordinator of the Hunter College Writing Center at Hunter College in New York. He's especially knowledgeable on Irish literature and has taught a course on Gothic fiction.

6:00 pm

Enter the Video Store - Empire of Screams :: Grand Ballroom, Alamo Drafthouse Screening and Panel Room
Charles Band #127, Jeffrey Byron #137, Dennis Paoli #137
Saturday May 27, 2023 :: 6:00 pm

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